Textile Risk Expert System

Welcome to T-REXS, Textile Risk Expert System, a resource made available by the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles.

T-REXS is a tool to support you in the identification and prioritisation of social, environmental and corruption risks in your textile supply chains. Risk analysis is a fundamental part of any company‘s due diligence, and therefore also a key requirement for members of the Textile Partnership.

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What does T-REXS offer?

A structure and practical guidance throughout the risk analysis process, from mapping your supply chain, identifying and understanding salient risks, assessing likelihood of impact and concluding with company specific net risk.

What is the result?

A thorough understanding of abstract risks, existing mitigations and concrete remaining risks in your supply chains. Descriptions of these three areas will be available for you to download in a summary reporting template.


How to integrate T-REXS in existing work?

This tool can be used to conduct your risk analysis entirely here, or in conjunction with other existing analyses/processes that your company may have established already. You may also use the tool only as a source of guidance and inspiration, without entering your data.

In any case the insights and results produced by this tool should be carefully reviewed, embedded in internal processes and integrated with existing knowledge and data. T-REXS offers a starting point but does not replace further analysis that is essential to account for the specificities of your business and supply chains.

How to navigate T-REXS?

The tool is structured as a flow, intuitive to click through. It consists of downloads and uploads, data analysis and review, as well as guidance. You may stop and save your progress at any point. Practical guidance will lead you through the steps. Background guidance will explain the underlying due diligence concepts in more detail.

How is my data used?

We never save or upload data to our servers. All your information and data processing happens locally in the browser, so you can be secure in knowing that all your supply chain data is private.

Works in browser

All your information and data processing is done locally with client-side javascript.

Download risk data

The tool downloads important risk indicator data for your supply chain, using only a list of countries.


We never share or save your supply chain data, as it never leaves the browser.